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. president obama slapped new sanctions on the gadhafi regime to stop the flow to and from any libyan interest in theist. they closed their embassy in tripoli. they meet within hours to discuss sanctions that could include travel bans and financial freezes. [ gunfire ] >> inside libya, protesters continue to take to the streets. clashes with pro-government forces continue in and around tripoli. much of the rest of the country is quiet now. moammar gadhafi made an appearance warning he may escalate the violence. he was ready to raise money. >> tens of thousands of people are streaking across the country and boarding ships to get out where they can. hundreds of people, including americans grabbed a seat on a ferry headed to multa. >> reporter: finally enters the historic port. on board, 300 people relieved to have been delivered from hell. stranded at the port in tripoli for 36 hours they endured high seas across the mediterranean. >> never been on a ferry before. horrendous. lots of throwing up. >> the ride across the sea was rough. we had tough times on the boat. not life or death situations.
. there are a number of cuts in the underlying bill that democrats in the senate and president obama are not going to stand for. there are cuts for the nutrition assistance program to women, infants and children. it's called wick. there are billions of cuts to the environmental protection agency. you are dealing with raising the spectrum of a government shutdown. right now, they are on a temporary funding measure. it only takes the government, in terms of funding, to the next two weeks. >> aren't we cutting it close? the senate might not come back and take it up until february 28th, days before the shutdown. >> we are cutting it close. it was said best yesterday when they said we are looking at two weeks before it expires. it's a nanosecond when you think how long it takes for congress to get on something. the issue is that house republicans, there's a conservative contingent, especially new freshman who want the cuts and are unbending on it. i spoke with a house republican who said leaders have been talking for over a week to the conservative members saying we may have to go with another temporar
, and this is where some of the sticking points are going to be. democrats control the senate, president obama, you know, has issued a veto threat on this bill as it stands. and there are a lot of cuts to get to that more than $60 billion that were pushed by house republicans that senate democrats certainly are not going to be fans of. just a couple off the top of my head. one, it would cut some funding for the nutrition assistance program for women, infant, and children. you may have heard of it, it's called wic. there are a number of cuts in the underlying bill, billions of dollars worth of cuts to the environmental protection agency. you can see democrats are not going to look favorably upon that. there's this wide chasm that would need to be bridged between the senate and the house. >> thank you, brianna. >>> another budget battle. this one in wisconsin. and its impact could have implications for the rest of the nation. massive demonstrations at the capitol in madison. the plan removes most collective bargaining rights for public workers. even president obama is commenting. he calls the governo
you. >>> the stories you need to know to get your day started. >>> president obama is pressing egypt's leaders to start the transition and not wait until the elections in september. he called the meetings a positive first step. he talked about the need for calm and an end to violence we have seen over the past few days. >> continue to be crystal clear that we oppose violence as a response to this crisis. recent days, we have seen violence and harassment erupt that violates human rights personal values and norms. we are sending a messages, attacks on reporters are unacceptable. attacks on peaceful protesters are unacceptable. >> according to "the washington post," they say mubarak's departure is key to expanding talks with the opposition. >>> look at the headlights at the top of your screen. you are watching a big white van drive-through a group of antigovernment protesters. there are rumors the van belongs to the united states. >>> a u.s. house member is concerned about the house of the army soldiers in the wikileaks case. he wants to visit private bradley manning. his lawyers set up
to get under way but admitted it will take some time. more of what secretary clinton and president obama are saying later in the hour. >>> and cnn foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty joins me from the state department. can you bring us up to date? >> reporter: yes. that confirmation came out of munich at a security conference. a former ambassador to the united states from germany confirming the reports there had been an assassination attempt on the new vice president, mr. suleiman, and several people were killed. there is no indication that he was injured, but it's one of these -- it's a sign of how tenuous and insecure people feel in this transition. secretary clinton is attending that meeting, and here's what she said about it. >> and, of course, there are risks. there are risks with the transition to democracy. it can be chaotic. it can cause short-term instability, even worse than we have seen it before, the transition can back slide into just another authoritarian regi regime. revolutions have overthrown dictators in the name of democracy only to see the political process h
what to expect. so the uncertainty was just horrific. >>> president obama issued an executive order last night placing new restrictions on libya. the the sanctions are intended to keep the libyan government from having funds. the united nations security council meets to consider harsh sanctions aimed at colonel gadhafi's regime. they could impose a travel ban among some other things. >>> shooting suspect jarrod loughner has been moved ahead of his hearing next month. he is accused of shooting 19 people, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. six people died in that attack. a new indictment is expected before next month's hearing. >>> the death toll in new zealand from this month's earthquake is up to 145. more than 200 people are still missing. a 6.3 magnitude quake struck tuesday demolishing parts of the city of christchurch. among the missing, 90 students and staff from a language school that had been destroyed in the quake. >>> well, you probably already noticed this. yes, the old pain at the pump. the price of gas hasn't just gone up, it has skyrocketed. it climbed 6 cents
there's a lot of jubilation in the streets. but as president obama said yesterday, it's really just the beginning and now the hard work begins. so that's what officials are going to be sorting out over the next days and weeks. >> and egypt no doubt, elise, would like to have their tourists return. they certainly lost quite a bit of business as a result of this uprising. what is the latest on travel warnings for americans from the state department? >> right now there's a pretty strict travel warning because of everything that was going on in the square and the protests around the country. and u.s. had withdrawn all of its diplomats -- most of them anyway from the country. i think they're reviewing this right now. u.s. embassy officials are talking about the state department about first step probably sending back some of those diplomats. then they really have to see how the military organizes the country over the coming days and weeks. but i think at first you'll see the diplomats go back and the u.s. maybe softening the travel warning. but usually when the travel warnings are in effe
president will have in the new egyptian government remains to be seen. >>> here in the u.s., president obama was quick to hail the transition underway in egypt. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. this is one of those moments. this is one of those times. the people of egypt have spoken. the voices have been heard. egypt will never be the same. >> the thing is, there's nothing in egypt's law or constitution to lead the way now. in mubarak's absence, it may be a power vacuum. we look at the military's role in post-mubarak egypt. >> the big question, of course, is who is calling the shots in egypt? right now, it is egypt's supreme council. the military is a powerful institution, a bedrock of the egyptian society. the supreme council include leaders from the army, navy and defense forces. the top is tantawi. he is 75 years old and holds the role of field marshal. he's the commander in chief of the country's armed forces. before mubarak stepped down, he was promoted to deputy prime minister. william cohen knows tantawi and spoke
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8